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From year 2008 REVOC we are wing bags producer for RC models and others RC accesories.
At now in our offer we have: Wing bags, Fuselage covers, RC harnesses (straps) for transmitters, Propeller covers , Propeller bags, Neck straps.

After five years on RC market we offer over 400 kinds of wing bags for all kind of models:
- Acro airplanes;
- Jets;
- Monoplanes and Biplanes;
- Gliders;
- Models of his own construction.

Many world class pilots are using REVOC products to protect their planes during storage and transport. Our products are using by - for example: Adrew Jeski, Bill Hempel, Brad Wurstain, Gernot Bruckmann, Ido Segev, Jason Noll and many many more...

Thanks top quality products and friendly customer service our company gained recognition an all over the world.


Gucci is for ladies, REVOC is for RC Pilots.


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