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Write your opinion about REVOC Custom wing bags.

  • Mike - USA 2012-10-04 07:40:10

    I recently finished a CompARF MX2. Like most people, I originally thouht I\'d just use the silver padded bags that CompARF supplies. Well, every time I got ready to put the wings back in the bags at the end of the day?.

  • Jasper - Sweden 2012-10-04 07:39:53

    Thanks for recommending the Revoc wing bags. I just received mine the other day and they are super nice. Seems to be excellent quality and they fit perfect! [view topic on Flying Giants]

  • Mike - USA 2012-10-04 07:39:35

    ...they will send up a proof photo of whatever you choose, just to be sure designs and colors are to your liking. I was very impressed with the process and the quality of the bag. Stay tuned for a brief thread on them! ... [view topic on Flying Giants]

  • Andrew Bird - UK 2012-10-04 07:39:17

    ...I picked up a set of Revoc wing bags (contact NFJ for details). The quality is great and they have a velvet lining to keep surfaces well looked after. The wing bags even have a flap that comes over to protect the root when the wings are in the bag...

  • Paul - USA 2012-10-04 07:38:59

    Received the Super Cub wing-bags today. Attached are some photos. Like all the REVOC bags I've ordered in the past, these fit perfect and the quality is like none other. [view topic on Flying Giants website]

  • David McIntyre - Ireland 2012-10-04 07:38:38

    Today I received the order of wing-bags and strap. The bags are super, excellent quality - I am very happy with them. The strap also feels good - it will take a little time to feel comfortable because I normally do not wear a strap ! Thanks for an excellent service - it was a pleasure to deal with such a professional company. I will recommend REVOC to other club members and friends.

  • Sween - Belgium 2012-10-04 07:38:13

    Received my custom made wingbags yesterday, I'm very impressed with the quality. Waterproofed material on the outside, soft material on the inside; very nice. It are the REVOC wingbags custom sheme 5. [view topic on Flying Giants website]

  • Piotr Juniewicz - Poland 2012-10-04 07:37:25

    Advantages of cross over straps: -you can put them on earlier and you don't have to take interest in them later and focus on the model, -it's easy to see, that the weight of the radio spreads over arms- which for sure, if worn for a long period of time (especially during a competition) will be significant, -there is a possibility of disassembly of the belt with just one hand. You don't have to use both hands to unmount the radio from the strap-which is practical and convenient. -straps are very neatly made. Summing up: Product is realny worth the money. Contact with the company is great. Shipping extremely fast. The company takes extreme care of the client and the fact that he is happy of the product. I think that REVOC is a great example for other producers and sellers.

  • Krzysztof Halicki - Poland 2012-10-04 07:37:07

    Facts about the product: - bag has been made from the drawings I provided and everything fits like a glove-you can clearly see that it has been well thought out (for example the lenght of the wing tube sleeve- shorter, so that you can easily get it out) - everything is nicely sewed (no strings standing out, everything is flat etc.), - material is of a high quality and the inner layer is very soft, - great contact with the owner of the company- I have passed my expectations and the final product has exceeded them, I have thought that the bag will look differently and that it will not be a volume bag, but a flat one- very nice surprise, - protection of the model during transport, additionally everything in one bag (wing, carbon wing tube, miscellaneous equipment for mounting the wings and something like a spare prop)-it's really simple to pack everything before heading to the field, we surely won't forget about anything. Summing up I cam honestly reccomend REVOC's wingbags-really everything from the order, discussing the details up to the finalization is a true pleasure, and the customer service at the highest level!! Others can envy their approach for the customer. I recommend it to everyone!

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